Despite the current economic uncertainty engulfing the UK as we navigate the Brexit referendum result, candidates are continuing to battle for the best career opportunities, with many conducting their job search with a strict set of priorities in mind.

The latest survey by CV Library reveals that 81.9% of Britain’s professionals would actually take a pay cut, if it meant landing their dream job.

They asked over 2,000 workers to share their career priorities, in addition to the sacrifices they would be prepared to make in order to bag their ideal job. And with a staggering 73.3% of the vote, a clear route for career progression was flagged as the top career priority for today’s workers, as the majority continue to place real importance on development and progression when considering a new job.

The research also revealed that workplace perks and benefits are important influencers when it comes to attracting new talent to a job role, as over half (54.4%) admitted that they value these opportunities when seeking new employment. Furthermore, 51.9% of UK workers confessed that the job title itself is important to them when applying for a new position, with almost a third (31.7%) stating that they would be more likely to take the job if it had the word ‘manager’ in the title.

However, today’s candidates do have a limit, and the research also revealed that despite being prepared to take a pay cut for their dream job, 53.6% would not be prepared to relocate for a role, suggesting that employers should be ready to tap into local talent pools when looking to secure the best recruits.